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Branding is crucial in the corporate sector. The logo and graphic design is also among the most crucial elements of branding. These components aid in defining the company's identity, expressing its values and personality, and setting it apart from rivals. Because of this, a lot of companies decide to hire freelancers or a design firm to produce their logo and graphics.

We design your visuals from scratch. Starting with the initial idea through the final, high-resolution print-ready file. Whether the design is for anything little like a business card or large like a billboard.

It's important to think about the platform on which your visuals will be shown while creating them. For instance, a graphic created for Instagram should be eye-catching and visually appealing, whereas one created for a brochure should be more educational and professional. The image should also be in line with the main points and objectives of your brand.

Types of Graphic Design we produce

Publication & Packaging

Motion graphic

  • Advertisements
  • Animated logos
  • Banners and GIFs
  • Promotional videos

Marketing & advertising

  • Postcards and flyers
  • Posters, banners and billboards
  • Images for websites and blogs
  • Social media ads
  • Banner and retargeting ads
  • Brochure and Menus

User interface

graphic design in kolkata
graphic design service in kolkata

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